Tasting Set - Organic & Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Tasting Set - Organic & Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oils

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set 3 x 500ml 

Intensity: Mild, medium/intense and intense
Container: 3 x 500 ml
Production: #ONE Biodynamic, #TWO and #THREE organic
Organic Certification: #ONE CCPB and Demeter, #TWO ICEA and #THREE Bioagricert
Extraction: Cold extracted
Acidity: Low acidity levels (between 0,2% - 0.3% at the time of the tests)
The Set: The whole range of Olivocracy 100% Italian single estate organic & biodynamic EVOOs, in a recycled cardboard box and green or orange recycled filling. .

1 x http://olivocracy.co.uk/product/olivocracy-one-strong-biodynamic-organic-evoo-500-ml/

1 x http://olivocracy.co.uk/product/olivocracy-two-strong-organic-evoo-500-ml/

1 x http://olivocracy.co.uk/product/olivocracy-three-mild-organic-evoo-500-ml/