So, we are in Tier 2, meaning that people are banned from mixing with other households indoors. However, mixing in gardens is allowed so I’m sure that hardcore BBQrs will dust off their BBQ and start grilling the grillable.

If instead you are scared of anything under 20°, you can use an electric indoor grill and get your favourite black-striped food all year around!


Among other methods, it’s one of those requiring the highest temperatures so it could pose some risks. We recommend, for your daily cooking, to choose steaming, boiling orpan-frying on a non sticky pan with water and spices and then add fats at the end. But what would life be without some grilled (and fried) food every now and then? As long as you know a few tricks for a risk-free BBQ, you can merrily enjoy the smoky flavour without worries!


  1. Clean the grill after you use it and avoid the buildup of burnt particles on it, they are toxic.
  2. Don’t overcook. Those black bits on your grilled food are not ideal, neither for your health not for the flavour.
  3. Avoid chemicals to light your fire, they release toxic substances that will ned up on your food. Use small pieces of wood, straw or paper with not much ink. If possible, opt for hardwood charcoal as they burn at lower temperatures.
  4. Don’t expose your food to smoke as it would absorb toxic substances. If you see too much smoke, move the meat away.
  5. Don’t expose to direct flame and if the fat dripping produces flames, move the meat away.
  6. Use salt to reduce the flame. If you sprinkle salt on the flame, it will reduce it immediately.
  7. Don’t overdo with fats when you marinade. Use spices, herbs, lemon and garlic, they all contain substances that counteract potentially unhealthy effects of grilling, and leave fats for finishing.
  8. Alternate meat and veggies. Same as point 7!
  9. Use raw veggies as a side. Same as point 7 and 8…antioxidants are the key word! Finish with organic extra virgin olive oil for an extra boost of antioxidants.
  10. Unfreeze your meat, as frozen meat at direct contact with heat, produces more smoke.
Get here your favourite organic and biodynamic condiments, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegars, for an extra boost of flavor and antioxidants to your grilled delicacies!

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