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How to make my veggies special.....

I've been a vegetarian for many years and love making special recipes. But I also enjoy simple things and in both cases, dressing raw Olivocracy on my veggies and beans make them much tastier! Not to mention when I play with different combinations of the three extra virgin olive oils and the vinegars in the range. There is the right pairing for every dish, every season and every mood. Superb! A staple of a foodie's kitchen pantry.

Rudson, Vegetarian Foodie

Italian Mums' Choice!

I learnt to cook at home, from my mum and my granny. Since then, the availability of food has dramatically increased and the way of shopping has completely changed. However, when you are looking for real quality is food from farm not a factory that you look for. Olivocracy and Magna Mater offer a range of condiments that is vital to prepare unforgettable dishes, cooked and raw, traditionally Italian or a bit more experimental when I feel creative. An Italian mum couldn't do without!

Daniela ,Italian Mum & Kitchen Goddess!

Chef's Secrets

You can spoil great ingredients with bad condiments but you can only improve a dish made with average ingredients with top quality condiments!

My choice is going great with both to reach excellence.

Marco, Chef

Tradition, knowledge & innovation: the way to excellence.

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