Olive oil is a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet. Numerous researches demonstrate the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the premium version of olive oil and there is no use of harsh chemicals during the oil extraction. If you replace saturated fats in your diet (animal fats and solid fats like butter, coconut oil or margarine) with extra virgin olive oil, you will enjoy plenty of health benefits: lower blood pressure, higher healthy cholesterol levels, lower risk of heart attack, just to mention a few. So, it seems a good idea to add extra virgin olive oil in our everyday meal plan. One way to introduce it in your diet is through snacking.

Keep reading to find out some snacks that are great with extra virgin olive oil.

Enjoy mouthwatering snacks with extra virgin olive oil

Almost everybody enjoys snacking. When you feel hungry but lunch is still a mirage or in the afternoon when you feel sluggish and there are still two hours to work and commuting between you and your dinner. Without getting stressed about weight gain, you can try one of the following healthy snacks with EVOO.

Popcorn with extra virgin olive oil

More or less everyone loves popcorn. A movie night is incomplete without popcorn. If you want to add a twist on it, opt for using olive oil instead of butter or sugar. By adding a few drops of extra virgin olive oil, you will make them much tastier.  Sprinkle black pepper and salt and that's it! You spice up your night with a bunch of healthy calories. It works in the afternoon too or as a starchy part of your vegan lunch, healthy and delicious. If you want to go low-carb, you can oven roast your peas, chickpeas or lentils instead with your favourite spices and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil towards the end.

Fried eggs with olive oil

It is very important to start your day with a nutritious breakfast. Many people opt for eggs in the morning. Some like them boiled and others fried. Fried eggs can become a bomb of saturated fats and unhealthy calories. If you use two drops of extra virgin olive oil to grease your pan, you will have a much healthier alternative and an outstanding flavour. Pair it with veggies or an avocado and some brown rice or a slice of wholegrain bread for a healthy breakfast that will keep you energetic throughout the day.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich  (or its vegan version).

A grilled cheese sandwich is one of the most popular snacks. It takes a few minutes to get ready. Thanks to a couple of tricks, you can turn a slightly unhealthy snack into a healthy and energetic one.  First of all use organic wholegrain bread: wheat, spelt, rye, your choice! Pair it with veggies to add some fibers and vitamins and obviously use extra virgin olive to dress. It will give it a nice texture and a wonderful flavour. If you are vegan, you can opt for avocado or hummus and follow the same tips! If you are also paleo, just replace bread with celery, carrots and bell peppers.

So, these are a few lovely, healthy snacks that can make that-time-of-the-day a wonderful break. Just remember to use high quality, organic extra virgin olive oil.

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