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We personalize packaging and offer large size containers and gift bottles. 

At Magna Mater foods we offer premium extra virgin olive oil, organic, biodynamic and single estate from small producers in Italy, tested in a laboratory to guarantee the highest quality.

We address businesses aiming to excellence, that want to offer their clients a new story to tell, take their menu to the next level or improve the level of offer on their shelves. We tend to establish long - term, collaborative relationships with our partners, we offer tasting sessions which are both fun and divulgative and are happy to train staff in oil and food pairing.

We look forward to coming and seeing you for an Olivocracy tasting session for you to fully appreciate how special our selection is!



When we say highest quality, we mean it. We require laboratory tests for each of our biodynamic and organic extra virgin olive oil, to guarantee a low level of acidity (<0.3%) and a high level of antioxidants ( >450mg/l for the intense #ONE and #TWO). These parameters will guarantee an extraordinary taste and a longer life, not to mention the health benefits of consuming it, both raw and cooked.

Both #ONE (biodynamic) and #TWO (organic) are produced in a FAO GIAHS, a globally important agricultural heritage, which means they are unique extra virgin olive oils in the world. Supporting a product from a GIAHS results in the survival of traditional farming practices aiming at excellence over (poor quality) quantity, of ancient species and biodiversity. 

This is why we treat our producers fairly and reward the hard work, the passion, the knowledge and the constant effort to integrate tradition with innovation always respecting nature cycles. It is real fair trade, fair to the producers, to the environment and to the consumers.

Both #ONE and #TWO are PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) and the price of the PDO label for us is 1 Euro per label. They need to be ordered. We can apply it on request.

The new harvested extra virgin olive oil is usually available from November / December.

We also offer a mild option, a light extra virgin olive oil which is a unique blend in the world, from Calabria in the the south of italy. It is #THREE that combines four mild, aromatic varieties from Liguria to Calabria, passing from Umbria and Tuscany all from the Calabrian olive grove.



This is a very common question we receive during tasting sessions. It seems that the idea of using extra virgin olive oil is connected to dressing salads. Yes true, a salad without olive oil is not a salad. But extra virgin olive oil can be used to finish any dish, raw or cooked, and to cook. 

In the carousel of articles you can find on the subject “best cooking oil”, information is a bit confused and you will end up scratching your head. 

We have to clarify that, it's true, one of the parameters to choose a cooking fat is the smoke point and extra virgin olive oil is not the highest in the list. A high quality, low acidity extra virgin olive oil smoke point can reach 200°C which is enough for most cooking techniques (stir-fry, deep-fry, and most oven cooked recipes).

The second parameter to take into consideration is the presence of substances protecting the food from oxidation due to high temperatures. According to this parameter, an excellent extra virgin olive oil, with a low level of acidity and a high level of antioxidants (the above mentioned substances protecting food from oxidation), is the best choice for cooking when you decide to go for those traditional recipes requiring a cooking fat. Beside, when the extra virgin olive oil is biodynamic and organic, there are no unwanted substances burning in your pan.

Said that, we still recommend, following the OMS guidelines, to cook with water, spices and herbs and then add the extra virgin olive oil at the very end, if not once the hob has been turned off. Put a lid on the pan and leave for five minutes. Just the time for the extra virgin olive oil to penetrate in the food and release the aroma. In Italy we love drizzling top quality extra virgin olive oil straight on the plate! Ready to delight your palate and filling your body with antioxidants like no other!



Another popular question is: “Is your extra virgin olive cold pressed?”. 

This is a misunderstanding due to confused labelling regulations. It is very unlikely that an extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed as this is a traditional method that is now quite expensive and has a longer production time. 

Most of the oils are now cold extracted which means the oil is extracted mechanically from the olives in an extraction plant. 

What do cold pressed and cold extracted have in common?  Cold! The temperature during the whole process has to be inferior to 27 degrees in order to avoid oxidation, even if this means obtaining a lower yield.

This year, the producer of our biodynamic extra virgin olive oil #ONE has tried a new method in collaboration with the extracting machine manufacturer and the olive mill: cold extraction at a very cold temperature (way below 27 degrees) in order to keep the aroma and the phenolic content  as untouched as possible.




We act as distributors of biodynamic and organic extra virgin olive oil as we are happy to give our products to selected wholesaler representatives. We act as wholesalers as we have a direct relationship with some of the delicatessen, artisan food shops and restaurants using and selling our biodynamic and organic extra virgin olive oil.

We sell bulk organic extra virgin olive oil if needed or we can tailor the shape and size of the containers. 



If you are looking at buying biodynamic and organic extra virgin olive oil in bulk, you are in the right place: we are bulk extra virgin olive oil wholesalers. The word “bulk” is often associated with low quality. When restaurants use large amounts of a product, it is more practical and cheaper for them to buy a product in bulk, but the product, in our case, is the same biodynamic and organic extra virgin olive oil we sell in small cans to delicatessen and artisan food shops. Certified organic and biodynamic, labelled and premium, with lab tests available! 

If you want to know our wholesale olive oil prices, please contact us at talk.to.us@olivocracy.co.uk

If you need to buy bulk olive oil for your organic and biodynamic cosmetics (soap, moisturising cream, hair products like shampoo, conditioner and mask, supplements etc.), contact us and we will find the right solution for you.

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