Eco Friendly Gifts - Your Sustainable Christmas Sorted!

You watched “A Life On Our Planet” of Sir David Attenborough, you’re a big fan of Greta Thunberg’s activism, you follow Greenpeace campaigns or you simply have been a conscious shopper for a while as the idea of giving your money to someone who does it right makes you feel good and boosts your self esteem :)

Now it’s time to get organised for your Christmas presents and you want to put into practice your newly (or not-so-newly) acquired sustainability skills. So you head to our computer and type: “eco friendly gifts”, “sustainable gifts”, “organic Christmas hampers”, “sustainable Christmas gifts” and so on. Good news is that nowadays you will find plenty of options to choose from, not like 10 years ago!

Gift-givers and Gift-receivers categories

There are mainly two types of gift-givers: those who choose according to their taste and those who try to guess what the person they’re buying a gift for would like to receive.

If you belong to the first category, a lot less headache and much more funny faces if your taste doesn’t match your receiver’s.

funny baby face
If you belong to the second one instead, you will have to establish which category your loved ones belong to. Foodie? Techie? Fashionista? Homeware nutter? Super healthy fitness enthusiast? Garden Jedi? Once you will have this figured out, you can narrow down the list of potential gifts. And fun starts! Find specialised websites and shops and browse the constantly growing offer of sustainable gifts. More and more information on traceability, materials, production processes is available to feed your insatiable eco-friendly curiosity. And your sustainable Christmas gifts become a reality!

How can we help?

At Olivocracy we can definitely help you with your foodie, healthy champion and environmentally conscious friends! There is no chef or cook who doesn’t know the importance of condiments for their preparations to be successful. We often take it for granted but imagine a life without salt, fats and acid? Like chef Samin Nosrat teaches us in this unmissable documentary

There is no healthy champion and fitness enthusiast who opts for trans fats and processed sauces instead of low-calorie condiments and good, nutrients-packed vegetable oils.
There is no environmentally conscious person, buying or receiving a gift, who is not aware of the importance of organic and biodynamic farming, the protection of biodiversity and the agronomic heritage.

So follow this link and enjoy your organic and biodynamic condiments Christmas shopping. Recycled packaging for your eco friendly gifts and sustainable Christmas hampers are available on request. Contact us anytime if you have questions or doubts. :)

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