It’s not uncommon nowadays to hear about extra virgin olive oil frauds. Apparently last year one third of olive oils sold in UK were fake or of poor quality. Even if it is not a proper fraud, it happens quite often that people buy something which is far from being what they think it is. This is unfortunately due to food labels regulations that allow sometimes companies not to be extra clear about the production chain.

The web is full of articles giving tips on how to get the real deal.

Some of them are reliable some a bit questionable.

Today I will tell you our “recipe” to guarantee that our organic and biodynamic extra virgin olive oils are top of the range in terms of quality and flavour.

  • Chemical tests available: Our organic and biodynamic extra virgin olive oils are tested every year immediately after the extraction to verify those parameters which tell us a great deal about the quality of the oil.
    Acidity, polyphenols, peroxides,  K232, K270 e ΔK tell us about the quality of the olives, the phytosanitary practices, the care in the harvest process (and somehow the time of the harvest), the time between the harvest and the extraction, the attention put in the several stages of the extraction process, the storage practices and last but not the least, potential refinement processes and contamination.
  • Short and transparent production chain: We select small organic producers who provide tests and certifications and we sell to you.
  • Small producers: The farms are farms not factories. The production is small and never intensive. “Top quality” is a keyword, “quality over profit by any means” a mantra.
  • Single estate: Olives come from the olive groves of a single producer. This is a plus because most of the brands on the market use oils from different producers. This makes quality checks more difficult.
  • Extracted on site: Our organic and biodynamic extra virgin olive oils are cold extracted (not “pressed” as improperly stated on many olive oil brands’ labels) on the same day of the harvest on site, no more than a few kilometers from the olive grove.

If you have any questions about our olive oils, please let us know. We are happy to address any of your doubts and provide you with all the information needed to make your choice. Choose the best. Choose Olivocracy.

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