New Collection FOOD&ART. Olivocracy meet Fausto Borioli

FOOD & ART is a classic combination, ageless and quintessential amusement.

Two ways of delighting the senses complementing each other. You make your best memories when the atmosphere is cosy, the food is excellent, good wine warms your heart and slows down the hours and beauty surrounds you.

Painting your inner world on canvas is a work of art and so is preparing a mouthwatering recipe. 

This is how we ended up being attracted by the combination of food and art: the best restaurants we've ever been nurture all your senses with art exhibitions and the best exhibitions are those where food is not accessory.

Meet Fausto Borioli, an amazing Italian painter that mixes colours and textures mastering the spatula technique in a unique way. It makes you dive in the beautiful abyss of the soul without fear


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