Refined Sugar-Free Organic Fruit Jams & Marmalades: A Heathier Alternative for Your Snacks!

Why are refined sugar-free organic jams a better option than regular fruit jams? Many studies and research have recently shown the detrimental effect of refined sugar on our health. On average, white cane sugar makes up 50/60% of a standard jam’s ingredients, on top of the fructose naturally occurring in fruit.

Calories from cane sugar are called empty calories as they contain few or no nutrients at all. Cane sugar can be used as a natural preservative and is very cheap. It is also sharply sweet and this can be handy when the fruit used to make the jams is low quality and flavourless.

Hence, if you want to switch to healthier eating habits, you might want to avoid refined sugar-added, processed foods.

Fruit jams with a high amount of refined sugar raise glucose levels and can cause a lot of health issues. Let’s have a look.

Refined Sugar-Free Organic Jams vs Standard Jams

Jam is commonly used as bread topping, sweetener and flavour enhancer for baked goods, desserts, yoghurt and cheese. It is a favourite of all ages. This is why healthy eaters look for healthier alternatives of jams and marmalades, refined sugar-free, with no preservatives, no thickeners and organic.

Let’s see some benefits of switching to refined sugar-free jams and marmalades:

  • Organic fruit jams are made of organic fruit and sweeteners hence reducing remarkably the risk of pesticides contamination.
  • Fruit contains naturally occurring sugars and if it’s great quality, juicy, flavour some organic fruit, it doesn’t really need that much sweetener. A healthier alternative like grape juice, apple juice or stevia perfectly do the job.
  • No thickeners, no preservatives, only the wholesomeness of amazing organic fruit.
There are plenty of reasons to cut on white cane sugar and replace it with (a reduced amount of) honey, maple syrup, grape sugar, apple sugar and other healthier unrefined alternatives. White sugar, either free or contained in processed food items, has the below adverse effects:

  • It’s (highly) addictive
  • It might give you mood swings
  • It increases hanger pangs
  • It is related to cavities
  • Studies show it can increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis
  • It can mess with your liver, heart, skin, pancreas, kidneys and reproductive system.
  • It leads to obesity and diabetes
Is this scary enough to stop you reaching out for the white poison?

The first step is switch to healthier alternatives and start reducing the daily intake. You will soon realize the amazing effects on your mood and health and how your sense of taste changes!

At Olivocracy we stock organic & refined sugar-free fruit jams & marmalades

Our organic refined sugar-free marmalade and jams contain no more of 30% of grape sugar versus the 50/60% of cane sugar in standard jams. Blood orange, orange & ginger, clementine & bergamot and kiwi, lemon & ginger are the amazing flavours we have on stock! Hard choice, good luck!

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