The New Harvest Biodynamic & Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Here! …And 2020/21 season is not for the faint-hearted!

The new harvest biodynamic & organic extra virgin olive oils are in the UK, delicious, nutrients packed and ready to take your dishes to the next level! Our single estate mild, medium-intense and intense EVOOs are ready to be paired with your best recipes.

This year, our EVOOs are spectacular under the nutritional profile point of view. They’re packed with polyphenols! And the three different intensities make everybody happy.

A Little Guide About Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for everybody

Bitterness and pungency are a great sign when it comes to extra virgin olive oil, as they depend mainly on the polyphenols content, so the more bitter and pungent the better! If “bitter and pungent” scare you, remember that bitterness and pungency subside once you pair your EVOO with cooked food, turning into an amazing aroma.

The intense EVOO “Le Mandrie” is particularly bitter and pungent this year as it has a record level of polyphenols per liter, between 700 and 900 mg/L!! This makes it even more heath-stable than usual and it’s amazing for stir frying veggies, beans, meat and eggs. For more info about organic extra virgin olive oil for cooking follow this link.

The medium intense EVOO “Le Due Torri” can be used for both stir frying and finishing, on either cooked food or raw food with a strong, spicy, bitter flavour.
The mild EVOO “Gemadi” can be used on fish, potatoes, summer veggies (tomatoes, cucumber, courgettes, etc, pizza and fresh cheese.

Olivocracy Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rebranded. A little guide for our existing customers.

We now trade with the producers’ original labels and in 1L cans. This is to contain the increased post-Brexit prices and to reward the honest work of our amazing farms! You use to pay £16.50 for 0.5L, you now pay £28 for 1L! Sounds like a deal, doesn’t it?
Olivocracy #ONE, the red one, medium intense biodynamic Demeter and organic EVOO is now “Le Due Torri”.
Olivocracy #TWO, the orange one, intense organic EVOO is now “Le Mandrie”.
Olivocracy #THREE, the yellow one, mild EVOO is now “Gemadi”.

We remind you to store your organic extra virgin olive oil in a cool, dark place, away form light and heath (and oxygen of course). Being protected by their quality and antioxidants, our EVOOs will easily last a few weeks after opening. After that, they’ll still be good but flavour might start fading a bit. Intense EVOOs tend to last longer with their flavour untouched, opened and unopened.

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