Why Single Estate Organic & Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Why Single Estate Organic & Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is The Best Option If You Are Looking For Excellence

Our organic and biodynamic extra virgin olive oils are single estate and this is quite a specialty on the market. Why? Most of the extra virgin olive oils that you find on the shelves of supermarkets, even the organic ones, are made of extra virgin olive oils collected by different producers, sometimes not even from the same area or the same country, and then bottled in a factory. Not only is the carbon footprint greater, but more quality checks needs to be performed and the production chain is so long that obtaining information about the extra virgin olive oil you are buying becomes virtually impossible or at least incredibly time consuming.
Single estate extra virgin olive oil means “obtained from olives grown on an individual farm”. Usually this extra virgin olive oil is extracted and bottled on site which means that the olives are harvested in the olive grove and the mill is just a few miles away. They tend to be high quality extra virgin olive oils, mostly sold locally or in special shops where customers can understand and appreciate the value of this outstanding products. Imagine a small producer, especially an organic or biodynamic one, doing things in accordance with best environmentally friendly farming practice: he is proud of his organic extra virgin olive oil, spend time, energy and passion to make a top-quality product with the best chemical and sensory characteristics. You will understand why he is absolutely against the idea of mixing his extra virgin olive oil with someone else’s. That’s why single estate extra virgin olive oils are usually the best products on the market and more expensive than the others.
Our organic and biodynamic extra virgin olive oils are 100% single estate, produced and bottled in the same area of the olive grove and then shipped over to us via road transport (Zero air miles).
We personally know the producer and some of the people hand-picking the olives :)

Excellence is an addiction for us!
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