Where to Buy Bulk Olive Oil? Organic & Top Quality. What to look for in a reliable bulk organic olive oil supplier.

It’s not easy to be among the best bulk olive oil suppliers in the UK.
The competition is fierce and we have to stand out from the crowd.

Our choice is to deal exclusively with bulk organic olive oil, extra virgin of course!

But when you talk about organic extra virgin olive oil, there is a wide range of products: single estate organic extra virgin olive oil from small productions, biodynamic olive oil, single origin (Italian olive oil, Spanish, Greek, Tunisian, Turkish etc), EU EVOO (a mix of usually two EU countries) or Mediterranean (a mix of a EU country and Tunisian, Morroccan or Turkish for example).

Our organic range of bulk organic olive oil.

We decided to focus on the market we know better and the one that can guarantee more quality in our opinion. We deal, from the most expensive to the most affordable, with:
  • Bulk organic and biodynamic olive oil single estate from Italy
  • Bulk organic extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian single origin
  • Bulk organic extra virgin olive oil from EU
  • Bulk organic extra virgin olive oil from Tunisia
First of all, we need to provide a top quality product according to the request we received. Our clients usually look for:
  • Bulk organic and biodynamic extra virgin olive oil to finish their most refined dishes
  • Bulk organic olive oil as an organic cooking oil (mainly EU or Tunisian)
  • Others want to buy 100% Italian or EU or Tunisian bulk organic extra virgin olive oil as an ingredient for the food manufacturing industry
The process of buying bulk organic olive oil.

Usually the client decides according to the final use, the type of taste they’re after and also the budget they have. Clearly we have to provide the best olive oil wholesale price in the UK possible, however sometimes we manage to beat the competition even though we haven’t provided the best olive oil bulk price as clients consider many parameters when choosing. Especially in the organic sector.

At the first stage we provide all the necessary documentation. Not only are our clients buying bulk olive oil from abroad but also, as dealing with organic products, they need some extra certification and support. Then we send product samples and they decide which bulk organic olive oil suits their needs.

A couple of more details you don’t want to overlook if you are looking for the best bulk olive oil supplier!

Once they have decided, as reliable bulk olive oil suppliers, we need to be ready for the logistics: place the order to the producers, find the best deal for shipping and organize the delivery to the UK from Italy.

Last but not the least, we have to have the finger on the pulse regarding olive oil bulk price fluctuations and try to negotiate with producers the best deals.

If after reading this article, you still have questions, contact us via email at talk.to.us@olivocracy.co.uk or give us a call at 07583 159 248 7 days a week!

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